More About The Author

More About The Author

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I started this blog with the intention to discuss and dive deeper into topics in higher-level marketing, management, economics, and social psychology.

The goal of this project is to analyze scientific literature from different areas of business-related fields in order to extract from them useful conclusions that can be communicated easily and implemented practically. My goal is to make every topic, from the basics of management to the complex subjects in the overlap of multiple fields, clear, fun to read, and easily applicable in practice.


I’m Relja Jankovic a Project, Operations, and Program Manager, currently attending my fourth year as a BS student in the area of industrial and organizational psychology.

My interests vary greatly but are mostly focused on management methodologies, operational improvement, behavioral economics, marketing, and their interactions with psychological factors. Some additional areas in which I’m interested, include the psychology of organizational structures and their relation to productivity, psychometric modeling and quantification of psychological or behavioral traits/actions, and game theory, just to name a few.

In my professional career, I’m a results-driven management professional with a track record of success in leading cross-functional teams, delivering projects on time, and improving operational efficiency. Skilled in developing and implementing comprehensive plans, mitigating risks, and collaborating with stakeholders to reach business objectives. Proficient in Scrum, KPI management, and management tools like Jira and ClickUp, with strong problem-solving, leadership, and work-allocation skills.

Hope that you are finding my website interesting and if you wish to contact me, feel free to use one of the following methods: